50 States Marathon Map

This is a must have keepsake after all of the time & money committed to accomplish such a monumental running goal!

Track & display your 50 states marathon goal with a custom map!

  • We will design a beautiful map for you! Customize to best fit your style!

  • Select a package (starting at $69). Modify a package to meet your needs or budget.

  • When you have completed all 50 states you will receive a final poster print* by mail. You have all rights to the digital file.

  • To get started, see the steps below.

*Final prints are 18" x 24". International shipping costs apply. Free shipping within the continental U.S. Opt out for a reduced price.

A professional Cartographer will spend multiple hours to create this unique map for you! You will communicate directly with us to make this map fit your style!

Steps to complete:

  1. Select a package.

  2. Update a spreadsheet (excel) with all of your marathons. I can provide a template if you need one.

  3. Email nomadmapping@gmail.com your spreadsheet & indicate the package you choose.

  4. I will send you a draft map for you to provide feedback on. This can happen 2 times before I send you the final version.